Finding a Way, Together....

We here at Integrative Therapies are committed to providing services to all family structures, and at times the best way to accomplish this is through support groups. The use of support groups to reach families and individuals is critical to creating and supporting change. Our girls group has some of the finest young women around seeking to mentor the younger generation of girls through the hardships of junior high. On the other spectrum Dark Grace support group was formed out of a need families have to come together and support each other through the darkest moments in their lives.

Please feel free to read more about these groups and if you have any questions or would like to join one of the groups, please do not hesitate to call, we are here to help. If you don't find the group you are looking for, please check back frequently as new groups are in the works! We are always interested in new ideas for groups as well, so drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.

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