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Integrated Therapies

Liza Skaggs~Therapist.



Individual therapy can be an overwhelming mixed bag of relief and anxiety; revealing yourself to a new person is a scary thing for for us all. I want to congratulate you on taking the first step towards the life you not only desire but deserve, together we can find a way to create the person you desire to be.



Research shows that couples often wait up to six years before entering couples therapy when they first see the signs of struggling; by that time, negative patterns can become even more distressing to the couple. Let's work together to create the marriage you always dreamed of.



Childhood emotional neglect is often subtle, invisible and unmemorable yet its impact on your life as a an adult is profound. CEN work looks at the power of emotion, and how it affects us when our emotions are invalidated, ignored or suppressed; first by our parents in childhood, and later by ourselves in adulthood.



"When families face a crisis or trauma, the member's willingness and ability to communicate honestly, tolerate uncertainty, and respect one another's differing needs both define and develop the families resilience  both during and after the trauma." We all hold prior traumas and pain from our upbringing that we unknowingly pass on to our current family, working together we can find a healthy dynamic for all members.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

I am so happy that you made it to this web page and hopefully I can shed some light on the whole therapy process and if I might be the right therapist for you. The choice to take the first step and reach out to a therapist can either feel like you are finally empowering yourself, grabbing for a lifeline, or for some, admitting they can't power through and "make it go away" on their own; no matter the reason it is a step by step journey and one that is sacred. I believe that we are all born with the ability to not just survive but live a life that radiates wholeness and peace no matter the traumas we have been faced with. I believe in the warrior in us all, no matter how much our voice shakes, helping people find their truth is my passion.

About me

Welcome to Integrated Therapies, my name is Liza Skaggs and I'm a psychotherapist here in northern Colorado. My practice is focused on helping you find the wounds that have been stopping you, be it issues from your family of origin,  depression, trauma, and so forth and healing them from the base up allowing you to create the person and life you always dreamed of achieving. I believe that everyone has the right to a life that they have created and that brings them the happiness and fulfillment they need and want and it has been the greatest and most sacred honor to have been a part of all my client’s stories to wellness.

Getting Help

My goal is to provide you with as much information and knowledge as possible so that you can wield that new found empowerment in your journey towards wholeness. We are all wounded be it from our family of origin or the one we created, it is however in those wounds that we find our most beautiful soul.


Self Esteem






Anger Management

CEN Work

"Liza has been a godsend in helping myself and my partner navigate a very tough period. She is fair, compassionate, firm, empathetic, and unbiased. Her suggestions and materials have made a real difference in our life. Cannot recommend her highly enough."

Micheal L. Aug 22, 2019

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